Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mommy was naughty

Last night, Peanut was being a HUGE stinker. HUGE!
He reached for something that was supposed to be off-limits. Here's how the rest went down:
Me: If you touch that, you will be in big-ass trouble!
Peanut touches it anyway, just to be a shit.
Meatball (shouting): OOOOO, YOU'RE IN BIG-ASS TROUBLE!!!!
Me - head in hands.

Also, time out is supposed to be a mostly-calm endeavor. Well, last night, it wasn't. I put Peanut into time out, and I yelled in the process. He promptly informed me that I was being naughty and that I ought to sit in the naughty corner, too! So, I did. Time out is supposed to last one minute for each year of age. I WISH mine had lasted the entire 40 minutes.

Here they are being adorable:
Peanut with his best friend, Thomas. He LOVES to crash all of the trains, all of the time. Clearly, the challenge here is that Rheneas has jumped the curved track and has t-boned Thomas who is now top over tea kettle on the ground. This usually elicits an emphatic "Oooooohhhhh! Mommy - did you see that?"

This is Meatball with his best friend, Lizzy. He adores this dog, and there is a good chance that she loves him right back. If not, she at least sits still long enough for him to brush her. The other dog just knocks everyone and everything over.

At the park - I don't know why, but they refused to smile for the camera. They wanted to look serious? There was another kid there, and they wanted to look mature? Whatever. It didn't work. The other kid was named Doug. All I heard was "Mommy, Doug is a dog. You know, the dog in that movie?" (Up.) "Mommy, why does that boy have a dog name?" Oh, boy....

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