Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just having fun!

Seriously, forget about the hideous behavior at dinner time, these boys are adorable! They are at such a fun age that it's easy to forget about the trying times, and - trust me - they are plentiful.

From "Do you think I'm happy?" from Meatball to "Aaaaaaaaaah! I don't waaaaaaannnnnnnttttt to put away my toooooooyyyyyyysssss!" from Peanut, it's frustrating. But, one look at these (mostly) adorable faces, and the bad behavior is (almost) brushed under the rug. (They do spend their fair share of time in the naughty corner.

Here they are with Mommy Kel at Planet Play.

Again with Mommy Kel - she was truly scared! This is the closest she can get to a roller coaster without barfing.

This is just a silly picture after dinner one night when mommy was depressed. The cute boys made me feel happier.

Another picture from mommy's night where she needed cheering up.

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