Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our first Disn*y experience!

We don’t spoil the boys. OK – we try not to spoil the boys - which isn’t really hard since Granny and Grandpa do it oh so well. Anyway – we don’t take them to every show or program or circus (yuck) or whatever. We go to a movie now and then, but when we go to an event, it’s a big deal – as it should be, in my opinion.

So, they are almost five years old, and we finally took them to see Disn*y On Ice. It was the Toy Story 3 show, and they have seen the movie a couple of times, so they knew what the plot was. It was fun to watch their reactions to everything.

First, we haven’t taken them to Disn*yland or Disn*yworld yet, and we don’t really hype those places up (yet). We’ve talked a little bit about them, but not much. So, when we got to the sports arena where the ice show was, Meatball said “I didn’t know Disn*yland had so much ice!” That was when I had to explain to him that Disn*yland was in California and it was about as big as our entire town. Oh, his eyes got huge trying to get a grip on information of that magnitude!

Bub caved in (I would have, too) and bought the $10 snow cones with the special Woody cup right before the show started. This was GREAT until the show actually started. Then, the boys were so busy watching the performance that they couldn’t be bothered with details like flavored sugar ice! So, Bub and I practically had snow cones dripping down our hands while we tried to get the boys’ attention. They were really involved. (And, I don’t blame them – it was a cute show.) Here they are with their attention decidedly NOT on a mom:

Maybe Bub and I are just old and don’t get out enough, but we were the only parents in our section who were clapping to the music and singing and dancing when appropriate. All of the other parents were just sitting around, staring blankly into space, or on their cell phones. I’m not saying that we are better parents, but we just seemed to have more fun than the other grown-ups. Or, maybe I'm saying that we're better parents. It's pretty obvious, isn't it?

In all, it was a fun day. See? Here is the proof:

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