Monday, May 7, 2012

2012 Kentucky Derby hat contest

We LOVE the Derby. LOVE IT! We plan the entire day around it. We pick our horses. We yell at the TV during the race. It's awesome. We LOVE the hats, too. Half of the fun of derby day is mocking some of the hats, right? I SWEAR I saw Cruella DeVil at the Derby this year. Well, at least her dalmation hat..... Here are our 2012 Derby hats: Nana - was going for stunning. Well, yes. I was stunned. The ear flaps and the big bow make her look like a birthday present puppy:
Papa - was going for, well, I dunno. Crazy, I suppose. Maybe just half crazy since he only has one horn. Yes, that's one of the boys Canada winter hats... I wish this was in better focus!
Bubba - The bandage is so appropriate. She had twisted her ankle earlier in the week. She has a toothache. After this picture was taken, she stepped on a toy train and fell down possibly spraining her wrist. The crown of hot peppers? I have no idea. She just pulled it off of the wall and stuck it on her head. She has issues..... Nana seems to think it looks like Jesus' crown of thorns. If that is the case, then I am truly afraid of the rapture!
Me - Well, Let's be honest. I'm just a vision.
NOW, the good stuff! Meatball would NOT hold still (see his hands...) But, he still loves his chef hat. I'm convinced that he will someday be the head chef on Churchill Down's Millionaire Row during the Derby in 25 years....
Peanut would not wear ANYTHING but this shabby Cowb*ys fishing hat all weekend. (They have finally started to learn what team alignment means.) It's a good thing he is cute so that we can forgive him his horrible taste in football teams. (It's all Bub's fault...)

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