Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little stinkers (literally)

On Wednesday morning, I got up and went for a run. When I got back, I didn’t want to jump in the shower immediately because I knew that I would wake someone up. So, I waited just a bit and ate something for breakfast. It wasn’t long before Peanut (aka King of the Sunrise) joined me. It wasn’t even 6am, but whatever. So, we looked for a good cartoon and snuggled and giggled and told each other secrets. Then, out of nowhere, he just said “Mom. Sometimes you just gotta’ fart. In fact, I just did.” I couldn’t help but laughing. Later that morning as I was taking the two of them to Papa’s house for a couple of hours, Meatball practically screamed from the backseat “Eeeewwww! What’s that smell? [Waits a couple of seconds, for effect, of course.] It’s me because I just farted!” All three of us were just cracking up. I know. I know. It’s not very polite. It smells bad. It’s, well, disgusting. But, it makes them laugh like crazy, and these days? We can’t get enough laughter. (Well, isn’t that true of any days?)

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