Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Oh. My. Goodness. You know how much the Peanut loves Thomas, right? Of course. He’s obsessive. It’s a sickness. It’s insane. We, and the grandparents (and friends and family) have spent gobs of money on Thomas stuff. In fact, we are headed to see Thomas tomorrow in Heber City. He LOVES Thomas. Like, luuurrrrvvveeeessss Thomas. And, in the spirit of the situation, everyone in this house (and two or three others) knows the names of all of the trains that the Peanut owns. Recently, Bub found a remote controlled Thomas. She bought it in a heartbeat, of course. But, you can imagine our surprise and confusion when Peanut started calling is “Ruh-See Thomas.” Ruh-See Thomas goes this fast. Ruh-See Thomas is so cool. Ruh-See Thomas this. Ruh-See Thomas that. What the hell? It took about a week for me to figure it out. It turns out that he’s talking about the sound of the letters. “Ruh” was the most confusing. You know. The letter “R”. Sometimes it says “errrrr,” and other times it says “ruh.” The letter “C” is not saying a letter sound at all. It’s just saying the letter itself. “See,” see? So, Ruh-See Thomas is R/C Thomas, aka Remote Control Thomas. Oh, yeah. Of course. I see. Ruh-see!

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