Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's about time

Oh, I know. I've been busy. I swear. I'll post about the arts festival soon. Today, I just need to say something. So, I have a friend at work. New friend. Ok. Getting to be a friend. We're not quite there yet. Ok. We're friends, but we're not FRIENDS. So, this new friend is in his 30s, probably. Middle to late 30s. He has a gay brother. The brother has been gay for, like, forever. We've talked briefly about this. He (my friend) is trying to understand. He is trying to accept in spite of his religious up-bringing. So, I came in to work on Monday, and my friend said "Guess what I did this weekend?" Playing along, I said "kayaking." Nope, wrong answer, but it was still a smidge clever. ( I love it when I'm clever.) "My family and I barbecued with my brother and his boyfriend. First time, ever." He was proud of himself, and he wanted me to be, too. And I am. You know, good on ya'. He's opening his home, heart, mind to his brother. That is cool. That is commendable. I am proud of him. But; at the same time, I'm thinking, "Are you kidding me? This is your brother! You're both in your 30s! You have a 14 year old daughter (and 3 more) who have never had the chance to barbecue with their uncle and his true love?". I'm so sad for his brother. I'm so sad for his daughters. I'm so sad for him. All of those years lost because of some stupid religious belief. All of those childhood bonds and connections, not carried through, not fulfilled. Such shit. but, at least he's trying. Better late than never, right? And, then you have me. Let's face it. My sibling relationships aren't much better, and I can't even blame organized religion.

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