Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stitches - our first (but probably not the last)

Well, it was only a matter of time before someone got very, very hurt. And, it just so happened to be Meatball at Granny’s swimming pool.

Bub took the boys to see Granny and Grandpa on their first Wednesday off from school. (They attend every other Wednesday when in kindergarten.) I was, of course, at work and missed all of the excitement.

Peanut was jumping in at the 4.5’ mark – just enough that he can’t touch the bottom, and they can’t swim THAT great yet. So, Bub was waiting for him to jump in. She told Meatball to wait for her. And then she told him not to jump so close to the edge – something that she had been warning everyone all day long.

Well, he turned around to jump in backwards (WHY?!?!), and didn’t jump out far enough, and WHACK! He smacked his chin on the edge of the pool.

Screaming and wailing ensued – and rightly so. With the help of a friend, she managed to make sure that Peanut didn’t drown, get a towel on Meatball’s face, and get everything gathered up. Then, her friend drove everyone over to Granny’s where they put a temporary bandage on it. She popped him in the car and headed to the instacare. That’s when I found out about the whole thing.

That’s also when I had to make her turn around and go to a different instacare because she was headed to one that my insurance didn’t cover. (She was not pleased, by the way. I don’t blame her. I wasn’t the one with a bleeding and crying boy in the back seat.)

Then, just like that, it was over. They numbed him with spray or cream, then they gave him a shot with numbing solution, then they gave him five stitches and a bandage. “See, mom? They didn’t even have to use a needle.” They obviously draped one of those sterile napkins over him and hid the needles from view.

Six days later, those five stitches were out, and he’s no worse for the wear.

And, he has an awesome scar to show the chicks.

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Bee Girl said...

Oh man! Well, I'm glad he's OK! And yes, he'll have an awesome scar to show off :-)