Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's a good night to sleep outside

We haven't been camping at all this year. Not even once. I feel like a terrible mother, but at the same time, I've been trying to save up for our family vacation this year. Trust me - these kids are going to LOVE us when we finally get to Florida!

So, while weeding the garden tonight, I decided that we needed to have a "camp out" in the back yard. So, here we are - laying on the grass. 2/3 of us are asleep after finally giving up on seeing the stars - too many clouds tonight. We did wish upon a couple of airplanes, though.

It's nice and breezy. People are finally done lighting their neighborhood fireworks. Crickets are chirping. The dogs are protecting us. I'm only worried about the mosquitos. (Rat bastards.)

I worry sometimes that I'm not giving the boys enough fun experiences. For heaven's sake - haven't been camping once this year? Crazy. But, we have gone to the train museum, gone to the dinosaur museum, toured a cave, done a lot of swimming, hiked in the canyon, played and raced at the local track, gone to parks, stayed in a resort condo, played miniature golf and shuffleboard, gone to the amusement park... I guess we've done a decent amount of stuff. I do wish that they spent a little less time in front of their computers and a little more time on the swingset.

I respect what my mom did for all of us. I can't believe that she did this for FIVE kids. I always say that I would have loved ten kids, but I wouldn't have been able to provide them all with the experiences and attention that they would have deserved. Two is perfect. Now, I just need to get my act together!

Camping out in the backyard is a start.

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