Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where have I been?

Due to a change in my car-pool schedule, I rarely get home before 6:15pm. This gives me three hours to bathe myself, have dinner, bathe the boys, spend time with the boys or Bub, weed the garden, do yard work, help with house work, read with the boys, go for a walk or bike ride with the dogs or boys, or much of anything else. And, no – I’m not making that stuff up. I truly expect that I will get all of those things done each night. I have yet to make it work, but that’s still what I think is going to happen! Sometimes, after a decidedly UN-glamorous day of spreadsheets and data collection, I just come home and zone out in front of the TV. Those are not my best parenting/wife-y days.

But, blogging just has not been on that list. It’s true that I can blog a bit after the boys finally go to sleep, but the past two months have been consumed with pulling off a successful arts festival. (And, it was, by the way. More on that later.)

This week, however, I have been “given” the gift of time. In other words, I’m riding the bus to work all week long. BLECK! I may not like the commute, but I have a few extra hours to try and catch up here in blog-o-land. (To be fair, I do not mind riding the bus – even the creepy one on State Street. It’s the amount of time it takes – 90 minutes each direction. Oy, vey!)

So, that’s where I’ve been: working, running, festival-ing, and trying to be a good mom and wife. There have been so many times when I thought “Oh, I really need to blog about that,” but four or five days later and the thought is long gone. Too bad. I’m sure that some of them were brilliant. Yeah. That’s it.

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