Friday, June 30, 2017

California arrival - Day 2 (aka: The Great Fruit Cover-Up of 2017)

Knowing that it was going to be HOT, HOT, HOT, we intended to get out of Vegas early. Instead, we spent at least an hour trying to get coffee.
We like to use time saving devices in order to be more efficient, but are we - in fact - more efficient? Case in point: The moving "walk"way. We sat on it instead....

Mmmmmmmmmmmm........... coffee.
(I don't condone the consumption of caffeine by anyone - especially 10yr olds - but here we are, nonetheless...

All tourists to SoCal must stop at Baker, right? Especially on a day with super hot temps, right?
You can't see it below, but the monster thermometer shows the temperature at 109* at about 9:30am. Ridiculous! We used the potty, bought a bumper sticker (tourists!), and watched the clerk create fake snow - the only "snow" she has ever seen first hand....
Can you see our skinny little people at the base of the thermometer in front of the bushes? Someday they'll gain weight, right?

Then, the second moment of criminal activity...
We packed a lot of snacks: crackers, yogurt, veggies, fruit, etc. The fruit was actually in a little bin that sat between Bub and I.
We pulled up to the border check-in stations where they asked us if we had any fruit (to prevent unwanted bugs from entering the state and harming their crops).
Cop: Do you have any fruit in the car?
Bub: Nope!
Me: [looking incredulously at Bub]
Cop: OK! Have a great day!

We had oranges, apples, bananas, more apples, cuties, and some other kind of orange.... They were all sitting RIGHT THERE.
Bub after we drove away: Oh! I forgot!
The boys were so worried about getting captured and taken to the fruit prison that everyone ate at least two pieces of fruit right then and there.
Here's the evidence:

We finally arrived in San Diego. Blessed San Diego that I love so much.
Motorcycles just drive through the middle of cars, right on the dotted line, barely skimming past side mirrors. Terrifying!!
Not our favorite thing....

Once we got checked into the hotel, we changed immediately into our swimming suits and hit up the Legoland water park. (But first, we had a botany lesson from Meatball. Check out the different sizes of these leaves from the same stem on the tree.)

Legoland was Meatball's choice for the trip. He had been looking forward to this forEVER, and we had a blast in the water pack. It was chilly, but worth it.
Finally, we went back to the hotel, and Bub called it a day. However, the boys weren't ready to give up the ghost, yet.

They had never been to the Pacific ocean before, and it was calling us. Dark? Who cares! Chilly? No problem! We were going to the beach no matter what...
Since we didn't know where we were and it was dark, we had a hard time finding someplace suitable to park, but we finally figured it out.

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