Friday, June 30, 2017

California - Day 3 - meh....

First thing, I got up and went for a short run around the business district that the hotel sits in. For a business district, it was very lovely! SLC's business districts are awfully dull, but San Diego (Vista, actually) is so nice!

Our intention was to go to Legoland immediately, but the siren's call of the ocean was just too much. We just had to go.
After the night before, the boys knew a bit about how to judge when the waves are going to get you all wet. Bub had forgotten everything that she learned the last time we went to the beach. She wouldn't listen to me, and that resulted in what you see below.

Then, the boys started playing with a cute kid from Austria. They had a great time just playing in the waves. While watching them have a good time, I realized that my kids were playing on the same beach that I played on when I was the same age! (It was the trip that we went on with Colleen, Shellie, Stacy, and Clint where Stacy got lost every ten minutes.) What an awesome realization that was for me. My mom was a bit younger then than I am now, but still - pretty cool!

We were warned prior to going to Legoland that the boys might be a bit too old. They were just on the verge. Some of the rides were definitely for littler kids, but some were awesome. Really, the coolest stuff are the sculptures! I only got pictures of the Star Wars stuff, but it was all fantastic.
Even though they were a bit too old, we still had a super fun time. (Next time, we'll go to Universal or Six Flags.)

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