Friday, June 30, 2017

California, bound! (Day 1)

We have been planning this vacation for months. I have thought and re-thought the route, the lodging, the food, the activities.... I created a spreadsheet, found Groupons, bought and redeemed vouchers, price matched, scrimped, and saved. On occasion, I've even entertained some input from those vacationing with me.
The plan: head south to San Diego, north up the coast, and home on I-80.
Keep in mind that we limit ourselves to 6-7 hours in the car together so that we don't kill one another. This trip was no different.

It all happened flawlessly! (Riiiiight...)

But first, we had to get the arts festival out of the way. Then, Father's Day. In planning, this all seemed like a fabulous idea. In actuality, it was exhausting. Not the best idea ever. I got about three hours of sleep before we left...

Anyway, we woke up at 4am on Day 1, and packed the car. We woke the boys at about 4:45 and got on the road around 5am.
Don't know about all y'all, but our kids do NOT go back to sleep. So, it was constant talking that would last for the next two weeks.

We headed out "the back way," and got to see this wonderful sunrise around Eagle Mountain. (Note: There are no eagles around Eagle Mountain. Hawks, yes. Eagles, no.)

We finally hit the freeway at Lehi. About ten minutes later, Bub was pulled over for speeding. Not the best start, but she got off with a warning, so whew!

The temperature climbed as we headed south. We saw the smoke from the Brian Head fire but not the fire itself.
There was a fire off the side of the freeway, but it was under control.

We finally made it to Vegas (yuck) and checked into the Luxor, but NOT before we (Bub) parked in the wrong place leaving the trunk open which spilled the boys' scooters all over the road when pulling away.... (Kind of funny, but I won't say that to her face.)
We chose the Luxor because that's what Meatball wanted. Peanut chose Excalibur on our last trip to Vegas, so Meatball got to pick this time.
"I hope that we'll get slanted windows!"
Success! We also got a slanted elevator! Bub was not excited.

Then, off to dinner. Since we had already paid for a voucher to a specific place, we we going there whether we wanted to or not. Once we found it (inside a mall), we really enjoyed it. Bub and I had Italian sausage sandwiches, Meatball a kraut dog, and Peanut a pizza dog. Oh, and a colossal pretzel (Meatball's hand added for reference).

Now, off to bed, please.....

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