Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bonding over dinner and drinks

Peanut and Gus have become good buddies. As Gus lays on his side, 'Nut will sit between the front and back legs and recline onto Gus' belly.

Meatball loves to play with Lizzy and throws her rope toy for her to chase. Of course, the six inch throwing distance does nothing to wear her out.

But, where they have all really bonded is over dinner and drinks. The boys are constantly throwing food onto the floor for the dogs to clean up, so we've had to ask the dogs to leave the kitchen during dinner time. That doesn't stop Meatball from hollering "LizzyGus" every three minutes.

Frequently during the day, Peanut can be found drinking (or preparing to drink) out of the dog's water dish - but only with Gus. Not to be out done, and because he is a healthy eater, Meatball can be found either grabbing handfuls of Lizzy's (and only Lizzy's) food from her bowl or just carrying it from room to room for future snacking purposes.

I wish I could have my best friends over for dinner and drinks as often!

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Heidiat2nd said...

What a great story...I am totally giggling! :) I am not even sure that dinner and drinks with our close friends cuold be that magical and innocent! :)