Sunday, April 5, 2009

A good morning, indeed

The Peanut is not a morning person - he gets that from his mama Bub... But, yesterday, I heard him via the monitor rustling around. Since he wakes up before the friggin' roosters, I started to get up so that I could whisk him away to the other side of the house so that everyone else could continue sleeping. Before I could get to him, though, he quietly walked through our bedroom door. (Yes, he is extrememly adept at climbing EVERYTHING.) I was just getting ready to sit up on the end of the bed when he appeared. With hair askew, his eyes lit up and he raised his arms to "hug" level and silently ran into my now open arms with a beautiful smile on his face. He doesn't talk as much as Meatball (he probably can't get a word in with Chatty Kathy going constantly), but he didn't need to say a word. I could feel little "I love you"s a million times over in that morning hug.

This morning, we were back to normal. He was howling like a trapped wolf first thing. When I went in, I found him sitting on the rail of his crib. Apparently, he forgot that you're supposed to put one foot down before swinging the other foot over the rail. I was just sitting there, quite precariously, awaiting rescue.

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