Sunday, April 5, 2009

Things I don't want to forget...

Ah - they are growing so fast, and I can't believe how quickly the words explode onto the scene. In fact, they are both bossing each other around now.
"Hey, Sam - NO!"
"Ben - one, two..."
Did I mention that they are just little parrots?

Anyway, I do try to remember the days when they were just starting to purposfully make noises.

The Meatball was, at one time, obsessed with flowers. He pointed them out no matter where they were (the cemetary, the tv, place mats, pictures on the wall, where ever), but he would say "vwel-oh". Oh, it was so cute. Today, he says "flower" just fine, but all of them are red.

The Peanut was a master of suspense and frequently said "Hah. . . . .. . . . .Dah." We still don't know what it meant or what exactly it was in response to since he said it pretty frequently. He has since transferred this suspense to the act of giving a high five or knuckles. He'll hold his hand back by his shoulder/ear for almost a minute before exhibiting his uber coolness.

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