Monday, December 14, 2009

Squeaky Penis

The boys love balloons. I’m sure that all kids do. We blow them up and toss them around and kick them when they fall on the floor and try to look through them (which works well with yellow and orange, not so much with purple). They are fuuuuunnnn. So, one day, I was blowing up some more balloons, and realized that I had never shown the boys how to squeak the balloons by pulling the stem. Well, we had a good time with that. We blew up several balloons and squeaked them until they lost their squeakability. Then, I showed them how a balloon will fly around the room and make farting noises all by itself when released. We didn’t like that so much. Peanut thought that it was hysterical; Meatball thought it was terrifying; he still hates it.

So, anyway, tons of fun, right? A couple of days later, Peanut was making a pee-pee on the potty (yeah!). I went in because he was taking a long time, longer than usual, and what did I find him doing? Yes – making a squeaky penis with his foreskin.

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