Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas pics

So, I was totally going to download pictures of the holidays (Halloween through New Year), but I can't find the cord that connects to the camera. Of course. I finally have three minutes - after spending 30 minutes deleting pictures that Peanut took - and I can't find the cord. BLAST!

So, instead, I'll treat you to Christmas pictures courtesy of the Meatball and the Peanut. Uncle Norris, in Washington state, send them the indestructible-kid-cameras for Christmas. This is good and good - really, I tried to think of a bad, but there isn't one. It's good because Meatball LOVES to take pictures. It's good because Peanut will finally stand still long enough to have a picture take of him instead of trying to see the screen of the camera all of the time. We have gone through a lot of batteries, though..... I've deleted a lot of pictures of the carpet and the wall and the carpet and the chairs and the fridge and the carpet, but some of the pictures are actually pretty good.

So, without further delay, I give to you Christmas '09 from the perspective of two 2-year olds.....

Peanut self portrait

Momma Bub making breakfast, photo by Peanut

Mommy K, photo by Peanut

Relaxin' in new Cowboys shirt after the loot has been unwrapped, Peanut self portrait

By far, the more prolific photographer, Meatball has a whole thematic element to his photos. I present to you: his feet.



Booted with snow

This next theme could be called "goofy grandparents":





And, now, a lesson in perspectives:

Finally, the best moms in the world:

Momma Bub reading the instructions to one of our MANY battery operated toys (the toy manufacturers and battery companies are in cahoots!)

Mommy K

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