Monday, March 8, 2010

Onion Rosemary Confiturra

Well, I did it. March Can Jam food was alliums - any of them. I didn't want to just do pickled onions because I wanted it to be a challenge, and we would never eat them anyway. So, I found a recipe for Onion Rosemary Confiturra (jam). It made more than I expected (three 1/2 pints, one 1/4 pint, and one pint), but it took a long time.

I started out by cutting ten cups of onions. While I like to eat a little onion once in a while, I don't get along well with them. No matter the size or variety of onion, they make me cry like someone who just got stood up for the prom. I chose white onions because Bub said that they would be sweeter, but I think that they are aromatically meaner. (In the end, it is nice and sweet...)

Added olive oil, rosemary sprigs, bay leaf and simmer for 20-ish minutes until the onions wilted. Added two kinds of vinegar, a bit of sugar, salt, pepper, and honey. Simmered for what seemed like forever so that the liquid reduced by half. Then, it was time to pull out the rosemary twigs and bay leaves. The recipe said that some of the rosemary would fall apart, but ALL of mine fell apart, so I spent a good 30 minutes pulling those pokey little rosemary leaves out.

Heated up again, bottled and stuck in the water bath for 15-ish minutes. One of the comments on the recipe questioned if it is acidic enough, so just to be sure, I added a little extra vinegar, and since I didn't have any pH strips I'm storing it in the fridge in addition to having the sealed lids.

This should be really good on a pork roast or a roasted chicken or even as a sort of dip with cream cheese and little bread crisps (which Bub will not eat - she says it has too much rosemary for her liking, so we'll most likely just use it on pork and chicken).

It was a good experiment, but I'm not sure if I'll make it again. I guess I'll see how we use it over the next few months.

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