Friday, February 17, 2012

I can't hear anything

Peanut still has an accident at night now and then - like the other night. So, half way through the night, I heard the drawers of the boys' dresser opening and some quiet crying. So I got up and went in to help.

Peanut [looking up at me with a sad look]: Mommy, I had an accident.
Me: I know buddy. Just go in the bathroom, and I'll get some dry jammies.
Peanut: OK

So, I go into the bathroom where he has just taken off everything wet and was sitting on the potty.

Peanut: I'm sorry, mommy.
Me: I know. It's OK.

I helped him put new jammies on.

Me: You know, buddy, when your pen!s is full of pee-pee and needs to get the pee-pee out, you have to listen to it and wake up and run to the potty.
Peanut: But, mom! I can't get my ears ANY closer!

Oh! I just gave him a huge hug and tried not to laugh out loud!

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