Monday, February 20, 2012

The little things: imaginations

After the Runnin' Utes lost a really good game, we used our imaginations on the way back to the car. We ran across the Olympic Legacy bridge a few times and pretended that we were being chased by a naughty diesel train or watched the real commuter train and cars pass underneath us. We even had a race across the bridge.

Then, we found the magic circle that would deliver us to the Island of Sodor if we ran around and around and around it enough times.

Then, when we were almost to the car, we found a tightrope from the circus and practiced our skills.

All too soon, these cutie pies will be too busy playing video games and being mad about doing homework to use their imaginations. I love watching them while they still WANT to think about magical lands and pretend that they are performers in the big top.

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