Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What a strange weekend...

So, I got the stomach flu. Me. ME!
WHAT?!?!? I got sick before Bubba or the boys? This has never, ever, EVER happened. Ever. Like, ya' know, EVER! FYI - it sucked.
One minute I'm watching a movie, the next I'm laying on the floor with a Looney Tunes baby blanket over me because my body ached so badly. It was literally from healthy to barf in 45 minutes. So, I went to bed. After naptime, Peanut joined me.
It was the same for him. Play, play, play, run, scream, jump, play, nap, barf.
This is us enjoying (?) a movie together in bed. We weren't having fun.

On the other hand, Meatball and Bub were livin' it up. Making messes, enjoying real food, doing laundry, watching the Grammys (which, by the way, why isn't it spelled "Grammies"? It IS plural. There is a singular Grammy and then multiple Grammys/Grammies. Huh...) Wait - My point here is that Bub wasn't the first one sick, and Meatball wasn't the second. What in the world?
Meatball was, however, protecting the house from dragons or hunting dragons or something like that.
Notice how even when he is in the heat of battle or a particularly arduous dragon-ing expedition, he is always fashion forward. The only effect you're not seeing here is the socks which were supplied by Granny (not to be confused with Grammy) which means that they were orange. Whatevs. I didn't really care what his socks were like at this point. He was keeping the dragons away so that we could puke. Good kid.

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Bee Girl said...

Strange indeed! Sorry you caught the stomach bug...I would rather catch anything but the stomach bug! Hope you're feeling better!!!