Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sleep over - the other side of the story

What does our house look like when the boys have a sleep over at Papa/Nana’s house?

Well, Bub goes to bed early.

I stay up late and watch grown-up movies that involve fist-fights or rough sports (Invictus), occasional guns (The Bourne Series), or difficult story lines (The Help).

The dogs, however, enjoy every single second of their quiet time inside. They are put outside when we eat so that Sadie doesn’t beg. The boys seem to be having a growth spurt, so it seems like the dogs are in and out constantly. Otherwise, poor Sadie seems to walk all over the train tracks that Peanut strings all across the house*, and Lizzy is mauled by Meatball who is convinced that he is going to be a vet. I think that the dogs prefer being outside to the madness that happens in the house.
Look at them just sacked out and taking advantage of the peace and quiet.
(Well, except for the sniffles coming from me during The Help.)

Soaking up every chance to sprawl across the floor

and find a cushy spot to rest a head.

But, they do love the boys and greet them with happy tails as soon as the boys get home.

*(Come to think of it, Bub steps on the train track all of the time, too. Maybe I should send her outside!)

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