Monday, July 30, 2012

Soccer is so 4-years-old

So, our first season of soccer was completed in early June. THANK GOODNESS. I truly don’t think that anyone is going to be sad if we don’t ever play soccer again. OK – I take that back. Nana will be sad because she actually likes and understands soccer. Or, she just wants the boys to do one thing British. (Which they do! Thanks to Nana and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, they both have awesome British accents. I don’t think I could pick it up if I lived there for ten years!)

So, anyway, soccer was an exercise in patience for me and Bub. Frankly, it was for Nana and Papa, too, and grandparents think everything that kids do is adorable. Well, this got old fast. Meatball didn’t want to sweat, and Peanut only wanted to kick and run until the game started. Then, he was done.

I think that they just aren’t old enough to really understand team sports quite yet. There isn’t a huge focus on team sports in our house. We love football, but we don’t make the boys watch it with us. (And, frankly, we watch a lot less now that we’re constantly distracted by requests to play trains, read this book or that book, make something with clay, make a snack/dinner/lunch that ultimately doesn’t get eaten, play outside, pour a bath, stop a fight, etc. etc. etc.)

We’ll keep trying because it is important for kids to learn to play well with others, and it’s important to be physically active, and it’s just fun. But, we’re going to take our time. They both love swimming, and they are doing well, so we’re going to focus on that for now.

Is it me, or do they seem a little TOO excited to be done?
Just kidding. They were really pumped about their medals.

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