Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tooele Arts Festival 2012

So, in short, this was an amazing event. It took loads of planning and preparing and even then I don't think that I was really ready for what was in store. All I know is that without the help of some of the former committee members, we would have been sunk.

Besides the months of planning, we met on Wednesday morning to start marking the park. Interesting. All of the artists were given dimensions for their booths. We have a form made out of PVC pipe that is just a bit bigger than the dinsions that we told the artists. We have a map of the park with every booth space identified. Then, we just walked around, moving our PVC pipe and spray painting the grass with squares and booth IDs. Easy.

Thursday was another story. We dragged everything out of the storage unit and put everything together. A rental place brought the tents, stage, beer garden fence, and chairs. We had to set up the Coke trailer where we would be selling drinks and hot dogs. We had to set up the bar in the beer garden along with tables and chairs there. We also had tables and chairs in two tents. We moved picnic tables. We set up the information booth. We had road barricades and delineators. We had to put up signs. Ice. Cups. Make sure the porta-potties were ready. T-shirts. Etc, etc, etc.

And then the vendors started to get set up. Food and visual, everyone arriving at different times, going to different places, needing different electrical currents. Then we had to get the electricians to fix that over and over and over. Then the wind started. Boy, did it ever blow. It was awful. Luckily, the city had brought some sandbags by. We delivered them to any vendor that wanted them. It was crazy.

The wind didn't let up all night. So, I let awake and worried about it. I was tired at 5am when I finally got up, but I had to get to the park by 6am to relieve the security folks. Luckily, only three tents were damaged and not a lot of merchandise. Some, but not a lot.

Everyone was in their booths and ready to sell by 10am, and the people were ready to buy! The wind howled the entire time, and the city delivered more and more sandbags. People just kept coming, and it wasn't even 5pm! Lots of folks weren't even off of work yet! By the time the entertainment headliners came on, the park was packed in spite of the wind! Turns out, it was the best opening night in beer sales ever. The beer garden was packed, and we had to almost double its size for the next night.

I didn't get home until almost midnight, and I had to be back at it at 6am again the next day.

Saturday and Sunday were basically he same. It was a success. The wind didn't let up until Monday when the festival was over (of course). I took the boys to the zoo to make up for the fact that I hadn't seen them much for a few days. They were awesome, and we baked in he sun since the wind was now non-existent. Below are some pictures of the festival grounds.

This guy makes bowls out of tree trunks. What? I know!

We had a bonsai tree artist come from California. His stuff was really popular.

This gal's ceramics are very well done. Unfortunately, ceramics weren't a hot seller this year.

Ah, Fiona. A local art teacher and free spirit. She is so funky, and it's impossible to leave her booth without knowing something about her and the life she's lead - even if there is no verbal conversation involved.

These guys are just the sweetest! They do the metal art seen behind them.

Our rootbeer seller who came from out of state. It was good, good rootbeer.

Crowd favorite, roasted corn - this place is always packed!

This is the kid from a local artisan bread company. What a sweet guy.

This is the main food "aisle" at 1pm.

This is the main food "aisle" at 6pm. It was busy during the day and packed in the evenings.

AND, I don't know why the pictures are turned like this. They certainly aren't saved this way! I'll try to figure it out.

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Bee Girl said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful success! It's no easy feat to organize and pull off a successful art show! Congrats :-)