Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This is what happens when you let a 5-yr old cut his own cookie

We made two batches of cookies: peanut butter and a pan of banana-chocolate-chip bars, or something like that. Yup, bake them in a pan and cut them up like brownies.

Meatball: Mom, can I have another cookie?

Me: Yes [assuming that he would take a peanut butter cookie that didn't need to be cut]

This is what you get, and really, who cares? I thought that it was hysterical.

He just needs to prove that he’s grown up and can get his own stuff. Don’t worry. ANYTHING sharper than a butter knife has been located on top of the fridge for about three years now. At the same time, Peanut has to pour all of his own milk now. We quickly learned to buy a ½ gallon and pour milk into it from the big jug so that we’re not wasting as much when it gets spilled all over the place and so that our kitchen rugs don’t smell of sour milk.

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Bee Girl said...

Yeah...kids are funny like that! Love it!