Sunday, September 2, 2012

First ever "grown-up" haircut

I swear that I’ll get back to other topics someday, but for right now, it’s a lot of photos of cute boys growing up.

For five years, Bub has been trimming the boys’ hair. What’s the point of paying for someone to trim it when we don’t go to a million different places where they need to be all spiffed up? We go to dinner sometimes, but that’s about it. Otherwise, it’s playing, reading, swimming, bike riding, playing, and playing.

But, like going to school, the first REAL haircut is a rite of passage, and we wanted them to have that “grown-up” experience to help them prepare for school.

I may have mentioned it, like, 8000 times, but we are on a very tight budget, so we weren’t looking for a stylist. Besides, they are boys with about a quarter inch to half inch of hair. Yes, I know. When they are eight or ten or fifteen, we will be spending more on their hair than on mine. But, they are five. So, we went to the cheapest place we could find: $5 Haircuts in SLC.

This is the epitome of “no frills.” This place has old barbershop chairs, lots of clippers, out-dated magazines, and people who don’t waste their time because there is always a line. Think armed-forces personnel, old men, poor college students, and little boys with cheap parents. That’s the kind of haircuts we’re talking about. You know what? Fine.

We didn’t have to wait long before there was room for one of the boys. Meatball went first. He climbed up and sat dutifully in the chair and was promptly covered with a pink butterfly drape.

It was as if he had died and gone to Dora the Expl0rer heaven. He loves that show. He loves butterflies. He’s adorable, right? He was so good during the cut. He sat still, he answered when she spoke to him, he giggled when she used the razor to clean him up.

He had a good time and was proud of himself for being such a good boy. We were proud of him, too.

Not to say that we weren’t a bit sad. This was a big day for them and for us. It’s awesome to see them growing up right before our eyes. Who would have thought that such tiny little people would turn into (generally) well-behaved boys? Polite, nice. Sigh. We are proud, but we are also sad to see their childhoods going by so fast. Here’s proof:

When it was Peanut’s turn, he hopped into the chair and waited until his leopard print drape was secured around his neck.

Then, he started talking about Thomas and didn’t stop the entire time. See?:

His barber was Sarah, and she made the mistake of telling him that her son likes trains, too. Even more reason to keep talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking. By the time she was done, she was visibly tired. She even sighed at one point as if to say “holy sh!t…”

But, I think that when he hugged her and shouted “This is the best haircut, EVER!” she forgave him.

And, even though we are broke, we still went out for dinner to celebrate this new first in their lives.

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