Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas, 2102

My Christmas wish this year was that the grandparents would not go overboard like they did last year. I mean, seriously. We still have some 2011 gifts in a closet that we have been doling out here and there. 2011 was an exercise in complete excess. I got my wish, to a point. They weren’t as completely crazy as last year. It was still too much, but it wasn’t nearly as bad; it was something that I could tolerate.

As in years past, Granny and Grandpa spent the night. I think that they hate doing this, but they don’t want to miss Christmas morning because it’s so much fun. We had a couple of years where we stayed at their house, but as the boys get older, that gets harder and harder because there are more and more gifts. Plus, it’s not fair to my folks. Plus, they won’t allow the dogs at their condo, and I’m not about to leave my poor old Lizzy outside like that.

Here is Meatball with his electronic present. He has only set it down when the batteries need to be recharged. What a great gift.

Here is Peanut with his, you guessed it, trains. I swear, the first thing that boys says in the morning is something about a train. It’s a sickness.

As always, Grandpa gets stuck putting something together (although he managed to leave without finishing this train set – I had to finish it – but he did the hard parts).

Grandma fell back to sleep after breakfast (typical since 7:30am is WAAAAYYYY TOO EARLY for her).

Bub was happy with the C0wboys shirt and socks that she received.

And, look at my canning haul! So excited to fill these up in the coming months!

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