Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grizzlies Hockey!

I love hockey. I totally cannot skate, and I don’t know the rules, but I love it.

Bub knows this.

She can’t stand hockey. I know this.

She took me to a hockey game years ago – several years ago. I have been whining and hinting and begging and pouting ever since. The games are cheap, and our local farm team isn’t half bad. But, that doesn’t make her like it any more.

She surprised me with hockey tickets for Christmas. I was so excited! And, super surprised. She even got me the equivalent of the foam finger (except mine is a bear claw). Woo-hoo!

She was dreading it, and I couldn’t convince her otherwise. (Ultimately, I think that she managed to have a decent time but would have preferred a hot bath and a good book. OK, even a mediocre book…) I talked this experience up for days, so the boys were also excited as you can see here.

We bought an additional bear claw so that they would each have one. (I actually wanted to enjoy the game, not officiate our own brawls off of the ice.)

Here they are doing their own ferocious grizzly looks.

OK - not very ferocious, but at least they were holding still.

Meatball is an awesome cheerer. His voice is SO LOUD, and he has an amazing ability to really project it. He didn’t know what he was cheering for, but he was really good at it. He basically repeated anything that I said. Once, that was not a good thing. The family seated in front of us were constantly laughing, though.

Peanut bit into a soft pretzel and realized that he had a loose tooth.

He spent the rest of the game messing with it – wiggling, twisting, wiggling, pushing, pulling – until it fell out right before the end of regulation play. “Look, mom!” as he stuck his bloody tooth/palm in my face. Ug. (A couple of days later, this did ultimately encourage Meatball to finally pull a tooth that had been loose for weeks.)

The Grizzlies were ahead for most of the game until the opposing team scored at the very end of the third period. A tie! The game went to a five-minute overtime where nobody scored. A shoot out! YES! Both teams missed the first three shots. Both teams scored on the fourth shot. Only the Grizzlies managed to score on the fifth and final shot. It was an AWESOME ending to a game.

Well, for those of us in the building.

Bub went out to warm up the car at the end of the third period. She is so sweet, isn’t she? Well, although she was outside freezing her butt off, I wasn’t about to leave with a tied score! (I’m so NOT sweet, right?)

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