Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Year’s Eve, 2012

Our last day of Bill’s visit was New Year’s Eve. We celebrated the holiday with a crab dinner which we do every year. Now, Bill is notorious for disliking EVERYTHING, so we knew that this was risky, but she promised to at least try the crab. She almost backed out when we told her that she wasn’t allowed to put ketchup on it. But, her desire to impress us (or get us to shut up) prevailed and she gave it a whirl. She Loved It!!! Yay!!!

Then, we put our jammies on and watched the ball drop in New York. Knowing that they wouldn’t make it to 12 o’clock, we let the boys think that it was midnight here, too. We celebrated by dancing to Gangnum Style (unfortunately mixed with Too Legit To Quit).

It was a fun night.

And Billy sat still for a picture without hiding her face (for the first time the entire week of her visit).

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