Saturday, January 19, 2013

University of Utah v. Wright State

I received four tickets to a basketball game for my alma mater, the University of Utah. Bub was sick, so it was just me and the boys enjoying the night. Almost immediately after we walked in, we were asked by someone involved with the event if the boys would like to go down to courtside during the national anthem and introduction of the team. Um, YES!

I don’t think that the boys really understood what they would be doing and why, but it was fun to be with other kids right at the edge of the court. After all, both teams were there and warming up and seemed very big and cool. Oh, and the Ute mascot, Swoop, was also on the court. Mascots are always fun to be around with the constant anticipation that s/he might come over and give out high-fives or noogies or hugs or just generally look in your direction.

I got a few pictures of the starting players as they were introduced and high-fived the kids, but they were going so fast that most of them are blurry. Too bad.

During halftime, two spectators were allowed on the court to play a game of basketball tic tac toe. One of them ended up breaking his leg – big time. The other person won a t-shirt. Of the two, I think that the t-shirt guy definitely got the better end of the bargain.

The boys were very good for the game, although the first half definitely held their attention better than the second half. We spent much of the second half doing math – as in who has the most points, who is going to get to 50 first, how many points until we get to 55, and the like. The Utes beat Wright State, and most of our family had a fun night out.

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