Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Wishbone

We saved/dried the wishbone from the Thanksgiving turkey and let the boys do their thing just a few nights ago. We’ve never done this with them before, so we had to explain the entire purpose. Oh, they jumped all over the chance to have their wishes fulfilled. We fudged a bit and said that the person with the biggest piece (winner) got their wish first, and the other person (loser) got their wish after that. I just couldn’t break it to Peanut that he may never get his wish.

Not five minutes after breaking the wishbone, Peanut was asking how long it would take for the wishes to come true. After all, he did with for EVERY Thomas toy that he doesn’t have in his current collection. Well, he might be waiting quite a while for this wish to come true!

Having just had “issues” earlier that day, Meatball wished for his parents to never-get-mad-at-him-again-even-when-he-is-naughty.

I don’t see this playing out well for either of them.

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