Monday, April 8, 2013

Valentine’s Day 2013

I have the cutest, funniest, and most thoughtful family on the planet. For the day of love, 2013, the boys gave me another beautiful selection from the Wal*Mart jewelry counter. It’s actually very nice. They also gave me a box of chocolates. Yum!

While the boys and I were at the store picking something up for their teachers, we were also getting ice cream for the dessert that I was making. So, we were in the frozen food (ice cream) aisle when I asked them what they wanted to get Bub for Valentine’s.

I *meant* what did they want to get her from a different area of the store. What they heard was “what should we get right at this very instant from the grocery section?” So, Peanut chose a frozen pizza because “mom really likes them.” This is true if there is no other food in the house, but he was adamant. Meatball didn’t feel that the frozen food section was the way to go. He wanted to go more on the sweet side and chose lollipops. Unfortunately, the only bag they had contained about 200 suckers, so I talked him out of that one. He went with tropical fruit Lifesavers, instead.

And, here’s the thing…. It was all chosen with love. Pure and simple. Love.

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