Sunday, April 14, 2013

Winter Getaway

Some friends invited us to East Canyon for a weekend getaway. When we planned the whole excursion, it was going to be a chilly, late winter weekend. What we experienced was a huge snow storm that dumped about eight inches in one night.

Who are we to let a little snow stop us? If there is a playground, we are going to find it and play in it.

We hiked up to that little picnic table – an easy hike.

We also watched a BUNCH of movies. These two ladies LOVE Disney movies and anything cartoon. So, that’s what we did.

And, we ate a bunch of junk food with a salad interspersed in there a couple of times. Cookies, candy, popcorn, chips – it was incredibly unhealthy for my diet. (And, for Meatball’s tummy. He lost it on the way home. We didn’t have anything to barf into in the car, so he barfed into Kelley’s hat. Very unfortunate – nice hat…)

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