Thursday, June 19, 2008

But, I gotta' disagree

I just read a very beautiful and eloquent post over on Lesbian Dad (see The Hitchin' Post - Nice play on words, by the way.) Seriously, well written. Her ability to describe the lesbian world with all of it's mind games, work arounds, obstacles and solutions is brilliant. After reading it, I feel a little more confident that love will, indeed, rise above the useless noise and hatred created, proliferated and encouraged by the religious right. She describes what works well for her and the love of her life. They have been in a committed relationship for a very long time, and that commitment ceremony held enormous significance for them, partly because they were declaring their love for each other, partly because they were publicly making that commitment, and partly because they were creating ceremony where one really doesn't exist. And, for them, I say "Hat's off, ladies!" HOWEVER, I will respectfully state here and now that I want that little piece of paper! I can't wait to wave it in the face of every conservative legislator in the state of Utah! I will clutch it tightly to my chest as we walk hand in hand through the Main Street Plaza (the heavens will surely crash around us). I can't wait to take it into the HR department and reason with them (yet again) for healthcare benefits for Bub. I don't think that it minimizes the ceremony that we had eleven years ago; I think that the official seal of the state of California strengthens our ceremony held so long ago. Borrowing from Utah Senator Scott McCoy, #1, Equal is right; and #2, [Americans] are good and fair people who understand #1. I just believe that the times are finally catching up with us. And, since I also believe that gay marriage will be legal everywhere someday, if it takes a little piece of paper from every damn state in the union to prove that I am an equal, then we'll get married 50 times! (OK, I admit that simply by being forced to travel to 50 states sadly proves that inequality still exists, but that's not my point.....) None of the hypothetical 50 marriages will diminish or change the beauty of our commitment ceremony - planned in four short days, held in front of our two best friends, and celebrated at a Mexican restaurant - but that's another story for another time. In the end, congrats to LD and her soon-to-be-legally-hitched life partner.

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