Monday, June 2, 2008

Brotherly love

As I was preparing for the boys' first birthday, my mind was wandering to so many events and special moments that have taken place over the last 12 months. One such memory was a comment from our doctor after both boys had been delivered. When my water broke, it was from Meatball's sack. We just assumed that he was anxious to meet us. After he was delivered, the doc broke Peanut's sack before I started to push again. Finally, both boys having been rushed off to the NICU, the doc was cleaning up the "aftermath" when she commented on the deteriorating state of the placenta that housed and fed Peanut. (Note: Peanut's umbilical cord had only two vessels - one artery and one vein - when most have two arteries. This accounted for his very small size.) So, the doc said "It looks like Baby A was just taking care of his brother because Baby B's placenta wouldn't have lasted much longer." Three weeks later, after having interventions that consisted of a whiff of oxygen and some tube feedings, Peanut left the hospital first. At this time, one of the NICU nurses stated that "He [Peanut] is going home first so that he can get it all ready for the other one to arrive shortly." Aw... Brotherly Love...

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