Wednesday, June 18, 2008


***Pride, Pre-Family, 2006: ran a marathon the day before, swigged beer, acted unconcerned with UVA/UVB exposure, participated in parade, partied at the bar after the festival
***Pride, New-Family, 2007: resisted leaving the NICU at all, forgot the festival hours and showed up at closing time with just enough time to eat something, three days post delivery and FULL of hormones and therefore tears, shows new baby photos to everyone that would look, felt hurt and highly insulted when old “friends” weren’t overjoyed for us, returned to hospital immediately after our super-rushed meal
***Pride, Young-Family, 2008: cringed at the dildo ring toss located close to the kids air trampoline, consumed NO beer, attended BBQ after the festival with four other kids in attendance, was asked for sunscreen by other festival goers because “moms always have sunscreen,” directed glares and muttered comments at the smokers in the crowd, obsessed with trying to find a balloon for each kid, avoided the super-loud speakers at the dance stage, left by early afternoon

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