Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dinnertime Disasters

Oy vey! Dinnertime is so hard at our house.

The boys couldn't be more different. Meatball will eat just about anything placed in front of him. Peanut is practically force fed each night, and it seems like he consumes about as much as his nick-name sake - sans shell!

A few nights ago, I was puttering around the kitchen while Meatball was eating his corn and Peanut was trying to climb out of his chair. I walked past Meatball's chair, tapped on the tray and said "Eat your chicken" to which he replied with "Boc, boc, boc" (the chicken noise). Hysterical.

Last night, it a complete role reversal, Meatball pushed EVERY SINGLE BIT of lasagne off of his tray and onto the floor. I was not happy and said "Now everything is on the floor! What are we going to do about that?" He immediately shouted "GUUUUUSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" The dog came a-runnin' and cleaned it all up.

Peanut, on the other hand, does very few funny things at dinner. He doesn't have time because I'm usually right there shoving food into his mouth every time he opens it - which isn't often!

We do have some tricks that work for about three minutes each:
"Give mommy a bite" usually results in him opening his mouth at the same time mommy does and provides a great opportunity to input food
"Do you want some water" means that mommy gives him a trickle of water in a big boy cup and then shoves food in while he is lifting his glass - he swallows both at the same time
"Where is your mouth, teeth, bellybutton, etc." usually gets some laughs which - you got it - means that mommy gets food in somehow (AND, he knows a LOT of body parts)

Either way, it's a circus.

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