Monday, October 20, 2008

An Unexpected Turnout

Well, it looked unexpected to me as I stepped off the curb for my should-be-daily run!

In the 18 years that I've worked across the street from the Salt Lake County building, I've never seen a line of cars that stretch around two corners and down State Street to the 2100 South intersection - until today. No coincidence that today was the last day to register to vote....

So, what's the rush? What's the big deal? We live in Utah and know how the election is going to go, right? If you're an unregistered Republican, you can just count on your neighbor to vote for you. So, if you're anything other than a Republican, what's the point in registering? Right?!?!?

Unless...... UNLESS! UNLESS!!!!!

What if non-Republicans actually feel like they have a shot at being heard for a change (if not in the national election, but in the local races)? What if enough people really wanted to save the aviary and zoo, would it happen? What if more than enough people were sick-to-friggin-death of Buttars' hate mongering? What if fair-minded people were elected to city councils? What if even the staunchest of the Utah Republicans was just so sick of our current national fiascos that a ballot was cast for change? Wow.

Not totally unrelated: in my 4.5 mile run, I lost count of the number of Obama lawn signs/bumper stickers. I can clearly remember the number of McCain signs/bumper stickers that I saw: ZERO. Coincidence?

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Heidiat2nd said...

I was so tickled to read the very SHINING endorsement that the Salt Lake Tribune gave to Obama in sundays paper! HERE HERE Utah...maybe we're actually waking up!