Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shi... Shi... Shi...

Well, it finally happened. Meatball has cursed.

It happened while Bub was driving with them and swearing at the other drivers on the road. Meatball (or more recently, we should call him the Parrot) repeated the word that she was saying a LOT: Shit! He said it over and over and over. And, yes - I realize that it could have been much worse. Anyone who has driven with Bub knows that this is the tamest word that she uses when speaking to other drivers!

She was mortified when she finally told me because I've been trying to get us both to stop cursing since the moment we found out we were pregnant.

He proceeded to use the word frequently for a couple of days. While horrified each time he said it, we often had to turn away to hide a smile or giggle because it's just a little bit funny, too.

So, to repair the damage before any of the grandparents noticed, we launched into a concerted campaign of similar words like Sit, Shut, Shoe, Sock and Shirt. This has been good because now both boys know the difference between Open and Shut and will shut a drawer/cupboard/door when asked. (This has come in handy since they open EVERY SINGLE DRAWER and CUPBOARD that doesn't have a safety lock and pull EVERY SINGLE THING out of it.) They will also retrieve their shoes and socks correctly.

This distraction technique worked for a while, and the offending word wasn't muttered for quite some time. However, this week, there was a resurgence AT GRANDMA's! [Gasp!] Now, mommies have been very careful NOT to repeat the original S-word, but apparently GRANDMA needs her mouth washed out with soap!

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