Monday, April 12, 2010

“I want to…”

Peanut is a little sassy pants. One, or both, of the mommies made the mistake of responding to something like “I can put you in the naughty corner if I want to.” I’m sure that it was followed by some brilliant revelation like “because I’m the mom.” But the point is, that “I can do it if I want to.”
Now, Mr. Sassy Pants thinks that he has the same right.
Mommy: “Lay down and go to sleep.”
Peanut: “I open my eyes I want to.” (He forgets the “if”.)
Mommy: “You use nice hands!”
Peanut: “I hit I want to.”
Mommy: “Please make your food go inside your tummy.”
Peanut: “I spit out I want to.”
Here’s an idea: mommy will go insane if she wants to!

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