Monday, April 12, 2010

Not so beautiful

Meatball and Peanut got digital cameras from Uncle Norris for Christmas. They are the kid cameras that can be dropped and kicked. They actually don’t take half-bad pictures! Well, Meatball loves, loves, loves his camera. He takes pictures all day long (I had to delete 350 pictures before the end of Christmas day), and while I don’t want to overstate his talent at less than 3-years old, the boy has a really great sense of composition and subject matter. Some of the pictures are very well done, if you ask me.

At grandma’s house recently, Meatball was commenting on how beee-you-tiful the flowers outside were, so he and Bubba went outside to see the pictures. Later, he took beee-you-tiful pictures of the flowers with his camera. Then, he walked around for about an hour talking about how beee-you-tiful the pictures were.
He then proceeded to take some pictures of grandma.

Grandma: “Are those pictures beee-you-tiful?”
Meatball: “No.”
Grandma: “Do you think that grandma is beee-you-tiful?”
Meatbal: “No. But, maybe later.”

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