Monday, April 12, 2010

Sharing Sucks

Well, it’s official. Our kids are brats. Since we have not sent them to any kind of day care and have had the forced “luxury” of a stay-at-home mom for the past year, the boys spend most of their time with each other and a bunch of grown-ups. They play with little Carl once in a while, and it’s a GREAT day when Zack comes down from Logan for a visit. Otherwise, our playmates are few and far between. (I blame much of this on Sarah who moved Rowan, Camilla, and Kalli back to Louisiana. Rowan was our best friend and the same stinking age!)

So, anyway, Bub took the boys to the park today since the weather was beautiful. She packed a lunch and a bunch of stale bread for the ducks. After feeding the ducks, the boys were very excited to go play on the slides. However, when they got there, other kids were playing (gasp)! Instead of playing, they sat on the bench with Bub and pouted and sulked and whined. They kept telling her to get the other kids off of the toys. They wouldn’t have anything to do with any of the other kids.

Dammit! We have BRATS! We really need to find a play group.

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Isabelle said...

the kiddos I am caring for only play with each other the majority of the time, though Jacob (age 4) gets super psyched when he gets to play with other kids at the playground. they both love when there are lots of kids at story time at the library. Other than that, it's them, me & the dog all day. I feel your pain