Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 highlights

It was quite a year in 2010:

I started the MBA program at Westminster and unofficially decided to do the Can Jam which resulted in some seriously yummy creations like maple apple, orange marmalade, citrus marmalade, carrot, onion rosemary, apricot, apricot kiwi, cherry, cherry peach, peach, peach sage, lemon balm, apple butter, key lime pie martini, jalapeno, and orange chardonnay.

2010 was full of cookies - usually shape cookies with frosting and lots of sprinkles. It started in February and culminated in December with the 12 Days of Cookies.

At her own peril, Bub rushed into traffic and saved a little boy who had wandered out of his yard!

I learned to get up at 3am to do my homework. I also learned what it really means to cram in the last two weeks of a semester.

We went to Las Vegas where we learned that it is definitely not suited for people under the age of 18. We woke everyone up each day.

We learned to correctly body parts like penises and chi-chis. These were the topic of many, many, many conversations.

I ran the two hardest races I've ever done: Sapper Joe 30K and Mid Mountain Marathon. Holy cats! I'm proud that I did them, but they really tested me and my (lack of) fitness. They made Ragnar seem like a walk in the park!

We found that we LOVE Wheeler Farm and visited often. The boys finally potty trained!!! Chitty Chitty Bang Bang played non-stop in our house for about three months. Oh, joy.

The boys went to their first baseball game and learned what difference is when they realized that their friend, E*, is not the same color as them.

I celebrated 20 years of employment with my wonderful company. We met Karlo's super sweet fiance, Miss Rydeen. I like her a LOT more than his horrible ex.

I spent a week in Canada for work and realized that I could easily live there. It's beautiful and the people are great and I quite like their marriage/adoption laws.

We discovered The Upside Down Show which is so good that it cracks us all up.

The boys were horribly spoiled at Christmas, but they seem to have learned that giving is fun since they wrap presents and give them to me all night long.

To cap off a pretty darn good year, I won the ugly holiday sweater contest. I'm quite proud...

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Lish said...

I love the year update. You are amazing.