Monday, January 31, 2011

Super fun weekend!

I had such a good time with my family over the weekend!

Friday, we watched a movie and the boys made a mess of the living room while I tried to unwind from a busy week. Who couldn't unwind, though, when looking at this:
(Crummy quality from my phone - I was too tired to find the camera.)

Saturday, we came into town to go ice skating. Yes. Ice skating. My employer won an award for clean air initiatives, and so some of us were able to skate for free. (Free! Big deal for us right now.) I haven't skated since I was about ten, and Bub? Really? What was I thinking? Bless her heart, but she is NOT the most graceful person in the world. To her credit, she inched around the rink one time before she swore off skates for the rest of her life. This is what she looks like when she is happy to be rid of those dangerous (for her) contraptions:

Peanut loved it; Meatball hated it. Figures.
I still suck at skating, and I held onto the rail the entire time. By the fourth lap, I was getting the hang of it, but my arm was getting so tired that I wasn't having fun. No - not the arm holding the rail - the arm that had to keep getting the boys back on their feet! My bicep is still sore. I held onto their coat collars and just kept hoisting them up. The four of us are awful skaters. However, I am willing to buy a pair of roller blades so that I can learn how to do it and teach Peanut. I don't want him to not have fun just because I'm awful. Overall, we had fun (after Bub took her skates off), and the pizza was good. Yes. That's pizza on Peanut's face.

Then, on Sunday, we met folks from the G/L parents group at Mountain D*ll golf course for sledding. The hill was about a block long and not particularly steep - perfect! I may not skate, but I can sit on my back-side and scream as I go down a hill. It was a blast! The hike to the top was long, and by the end the boys were getting tired, but we had so much fun! Bub was more interested in the chance to have some adult conversation, so I just had to keep going down the hill. GREAT! Here are the boys after sledding enjoying some hot chocolate and donuts:

It was a shame that I had to come back to work. I easily could have played for another day.


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