Monday, April 9, 2012

Colored Food Day

Last weekend, Meatball came to me and said that we should surprise Peanut with a blue breakfast. You know, all blue food, because “that would make him [Peanut} really happy.” Awwwwww….. How sweet! So, we whispered about what we could make for a blue breakfast. There were a lot of pretty whacky ideas, but we finally settled on blue pancakes and blue scrambled eggs. Then, he went off in search of his brother and proceeded to knock him down on the floor and pinch and scratch him.

What happened to the oh-so-sweet boy that was just talking to me? For the love…..

So, I got busy on the breakfast. For good measure, I added blueberries to the pancakes, and we also had blue milk. Oh, the Peanut was surprised, for sure! He was excited, but I think that Meatball was just a bit more excited since he had been waiting for what must have seemed like forever for me get it all made.

Later, we had blue snow cones.

During the day, Bubba and I decided that it would be sweet to do the same thing for the Meatball, so we tried to figure out what we could make for dinner that would be green. We settled on celery with green cream cheese, green milk, and fish balls (the fishy version of chicken nuggets) with green dipping sauce. We also made crustos with cinnamon and green sugar.
You would have thought that he had won the lottery.

Then, he informed us that he likes all colors, and would have been happy with a red dinner, too. (That would have been harder than the green dinner!)

Anyway, they were so cute with their special dinners. I hope that someday they remember this and do the same for me. For reference, I would like my entire dinner to be made of chocolate – I’m not even picky about the color!

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