Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter in pictures

I'm a bit behind, but I simply can't deprive my three readers of these adorable pictures. Like really, totally, undoubtedly adorable.
My little bunnies (gawd, they are going to be mortified when they are teenagers and realize that I've called them bunnies...):

Even though she looks overjoyed, she wasn't. Shocking, I know. Where's my picture? There isn't one. As usual, I was taking care of the administrative duties (aka: providing our e-mail address to the people providing FREE pictures)

Here they are looking cute in the car:

How is it that you all can stand to go for days at a time without seeing these mugs? It would make me insane to not see these smiles a million times a day. (Oh, wait. Did I just give the impression that they are perfect and not complete sinkers lately? Sorry. My bad.)

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