Sunday, April 8, 2012

movie review: H0P, or why I want to destroy our TV

Ok, it's cute. I realize that it was released last year, but no mind. It was Easter weekend, and we finally got to watch it. Cute. Funny. Worth it.

My favorite line in the movie?
Human: "I can give you a baby aspirin. Do you want a baby aspirin?"
Rabbit; "No. Keep it. You might run over a baby later."

The boys' favorite line?
Rabbit: "Right. I poo and pee like a pig."

Oh, yeah. It's definitely their favorite part. They've been saying it all weekend. Thank goodness. We're so lucky.

It's so funny. They CRACK UP every time they say it. It's a riot. Bub and I are so proud.

It's also their new pick-up line. The neighbors had the family over for Easter dinner today. There were three or four little girls playing out back. The boys were talking to them through the fence. After a while, it happened. "Hey! I poo and pee like a pig."

The girls weren't taking any of this romantic bait. I don't know why. It's a mystery for the ages.

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