Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boy wonders!

One day in early December, Bub and the boys picked me up at work during lunch so that we could run up to the U to get my transcripts. We were driving along State Street with Meatball asleep in the back and Peanut singing some song. All of a sudden he stopped singing and said “Look, Mommy. Dat says Taco Time.” We don’t eat at that restaurant, and that is certainly not one of our flashcard words.

Then, a couple of weeks later, we were headed out to do some holiday shopping when Meatball said “Arti Circle, Arti Circle!” Again, not someplace that we eat, although the word “circle” is one of our flashcard words. We do flashcards about once per week, and even then, not all of the words. He immediately followed this up with “Look! High Five!” in reference to the flashing hand signal at the cross walk. I thought that was pretty clever.

Now, there is a chance that they recognized the restaurant names or logos from what they have seen on TV because even though we don’t eat at these places, we do watch TV. Instead, though, I prefer to believe that they are just really smart.

In fact, while standing in the checkout line at the store last week, Peanut was identifying the letters of something – I think the headlines on a tabloid – while we waited. The woman behind us was astounded – especially when she found out that they are only 2 ½ years old and was getting every single letter (and number) right.

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