Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye, lame assed bloggers

Yes - it's true. If you haven't blogged since June '09, then I've eliminated you from my Happy Places. I'll miss seeing your blog listed in Happy Places, but frankly, I won';t miss your witty prose because you haven't posted for six friggin months. I'll be here when you're blogging again, so let me know. In the meantime, new blogs will take your spots in Happy Places, like Tigress in a Jam (and I will try to meet the challenge even though I have a feeling that I'll be very busy for the whole year), Eat Local (which continues to be a challenge for me), and Apron Antics (shout out to class of '88).

Class of '88. That reminds me.... I was at the liquor store last week and noticed the "we ID" sign...... It reminded me that you must have been born in 1988 or earlier in order to buy alcohol. Now that it's 2010, the date has changed to 1989. I GRADUATED IN 1988. GRADUATED, PEOPLE! Holy crap, I'm old. OLD. OLD!!!!!!

For the love.....

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